snow fox (Fan Art Portfolio) Fire Keese!

This challenge was a lot of fun! I thought, "no pencil?" well, that's EXACTLY how I usually draw. "Usually" here means outside of drawing fanart (most of the time, I'm not drawing fanart!). It seems that whenever I do draw fanart, I always start with pencil. So this challenge was the perfect excuse to turn the tables and not use pencil.

You can see the progression of this work from rough orange pen to more refined blue line work, to final colored piece by clicking here. I have some more detailed notes about my process there.

Of course, in the spirit of challenge-within-a-challenge-within-a-challenge, I decided that I would start entering Legend of Zelda themed works to all the challenges I contribute to, partially in the spirit of my own challenge, 25 Years of Legend of Zelda.

Thanks for viewing, hope you enjoy this piece!

Zelda Fan Art
bat, keese, legend of zelda, Link, Zelda
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