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{{in the end}}

{{in the end}}

Anime: X/1999

I entitled this drawing of mine as {{in the end}} because in this drawing of mine, Fuuma holds Kamui on his hands with blood, a sign that Fuuma himself kills his own best friend. While I was reading X/1999, there's a quote from Yuzuriha that death is the end of everything that's why nobody should try killing someone no matter what. X/1999 is still halted for almost seven years. And among all CLAMP works, it is the longest serialized work, back at year 1992. Back to the drawing, it is a part of X/1999 volume 18 that I drew on my own, the only difference is the Shinken, I include the shinken this time because of a classmate that I call as 'kuya' because of a role-play last first year, the Ibong Adarna play in which I play the role of a boy as Don Juan. The story could be seen below. But this time, I call him as 'ama' or 'father' also because of a play Florante at Laura. The story could be seen below as well...

Of course, I'll not say the ones above if that is not regarding my drawing.


The story was about a king and queen with three sons namely Don Pedro, Don Diego, and Don Juan. The king have a dream that his beloved youngest son, Don Juan was killed by two unknown people. Since then, the king got an illness that no one could tell and one person said that the only cure is the Ibong Adarna that sings a very beautiful sound. So the king sent his eldest son, Don Pedro but after some months, the prince still don't return so the king sent his next son, Don Diego and again the prince don't return. After three years, the king was very frightened that he can't send his beloved son because of the fear losing him, but the prince suggested that he must. Don Juan was able to get the Ibong Adarna and he succeeded. Because of hatred, his older siblings try to kill him. Until the three was able to reconcile their mistakes and forgive each other.

In the drawing, it also says that if siblings could try to kill each other, how much more best friends, right?

I play the role as Don Juan and my classmate that named Diego plays the role Don Diego that's how I use to call him 'kuya' or 'brother'.


The story starts at a young man tied down on a tree at the depths of the forest for two days because of a country that becomes blind of the truth, his name is Florante. Here comes the lions that are ready to eat him but he was saved by a Persian prince named Aladin. The two bears the same burden about there love ones. But Florante begs that Aladin's too much kindness towards him couldn't heal his heart's wounds, including the fact that Christians and Muslims don't get along together. Florante narrates what happened in his country Albania since he was still young. It was revealed that Florante was the only son of the Duke Briseo and the Princess of Crotona, Floresca. Since young, Florante's life was already in danger. And his hobby is to hunt down in the forest. One time, he returned home and his parents' agreed to sent him to Greece wherein he will study and meets Adolfo. They've been enemies even Florante tries to make friends with him. When he return home, he met Laura, the Princess of Albanaia and been his girl friend but after one war, and he returns Albania was under control of Adolfo and thought that Laura betrayed him and his own father was killed in front of his own eyes. And tied down on the forest. Aladin starts to narrate his own. (this is already too long so, I'll not include it anymore because it's not that important anymore) In the forest, the two meet Laura and Flerida, Aladin's fiancee. And the four of them live happily.

In the drawing, best friends try to kill each other but in the end, the one that was left will realize the time that they just miss.

I play the role as Florante and my former 'brother' was Duke Briseo that made me call him father!!

It is so long already!! :)) Sorry about that!! >.

Hope you like it!

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