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Link Colouring To Ikemarth
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Merry Christmas, Ikemarth!! Do you like your gift? :D
For those who don't know, I DID NOT draw this. I only coloured it. This awesome drawing of Link is by my awesome friend Ikemarth (you can view it here).
Ike, thanks for being such a sweet friend! I'm so glad I met you and found your amazing portfolio!!! You've really inspired me and I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW AWESOME IT WAS TO COLOUR YOUR ORIGINAL DRAWING!!! 8D The whole time, I was thinking 'woah, this is so cool!' I really hope you like it^^
So I traced your drawing (first time tracing, peoples!) and then I also found the same reference picture on my trusty gameboy's wifi so I could get an idea for the colours. I also added the rest of Link's bow since it didn't look finished with the colour. Enjoy, and have a very great Christmas!
PS. I'll email you soon!

Zelda Fan Art
colouring, copics, Ikemarth, Link, ocarina of time, the legend of Zelda, videogame
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