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Ushio All Grown Up
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Okay, here it is~!

I picked Ushio from Clannad.

Clannad is my favorite anime, and Ushio is just adorable. She looks just like her mother. In this picture, I had Ushio's hair a bit longer than Nagisa's.
( Her Mother )I also gave her Nagisa's red hairpins. I thought that would be cute.

Also, The Dango ( Dumpling Plushie ) Ushio is holding is the one she slept with, stating "It smells like Mommy.." I though that was omega adorable *o*

Ushio is wearing the Uniform from Nagisa's and Tomoya's school. I thought it'd be sweet if she grew up going to the same high school as her parents.

Ushio still has her white ribbon! ( And her blank stare ) X3

The background is based off the anime! If you don't understand why there's clouds and glowing balls in the background, it's because it's from the anime. I wont go through details~ SPOILERS!

So I worked really hard on this, and as soon as I go to publish it I noticed another Ushio! I'm like "Damnit!" D:< But oh well. I really hope I win. I've never won a challenge, and I'm confident in this one.

Thank you~


Clannad Fan Art
Clannad, Nagisa, Tomoya, Ushio
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All grown up!?!
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