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Inconceivable Entity
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Traditional picture! :D It's been so long! The last time I colored something traditionally was in October with that Tomato picture. xD; Originally I was going to do this with colored pencils, but I got lazy... By the way, this line art is from April. "orz Sometimes I take forever to start coloring a line art. xD;

Anyways, from left to right it's Loyal, Zack, Michka, and Dare. They're in a band! 8D Which you probably already know if you're my subscriber... Their band name is Something Impossible. The title is just a variant-ish of the band name. xD So... no inconceivable entity here...

Dare's colors came out a little weird. :I I really wanted to make his shirt black or something, but I hate coloring with black marker because mistakes show really badly with it. xD; And I make lots of mistakes. I like how Michka's hair looks, though. :U Not so much Zack's... Idk what I was doing for his shine... Oh well, it's a learning experience. xD;

I wonder if any of you recognize the lady on Loyal's shirt. 8D It's the person I drew on her shirt last time. Hahaha. Yeah.

So yeah! Here's this! :D Thanks for viewing and all that!

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band, bass, bass guitar, dare, drum sticks, guitar, loyal, michka, microphone, oc, ocs, original characters, rock, rock band, something, something impossible, zack
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