TheDarkAngel (Fan Art Portfolio) Mini SOS RP OC Sketch Dump

Mini SOS RP OC Sketch Dump
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(copied from submission to DA, with some tweaking):

1) Shiro (TheDarkAngel)
-What's that he has? Well, read the Japanese~!
"Ichigo gyuunyu ja nai... Ocha da..."
"That's not Strawberry milk... It's tea..."
Shiro: "Nandemo ii" "Whatever. Either is fine."

Dunno what mood I was in when I drew this. I was in Buddhism class and was just trying to stay awake. XD I wanted hot tea. :|

2) Dakota (TheDarkAngel)
-I was waiting for the b/f to get out of a class and I saw a poster on a corkboard where a student was wearing a sweater and a hat kinda like that and I wanted to draw 'em. So, I put my OC, Dakota, into it.
Dakota's usually wearing goggles and a different kind of jacket, though... but, it was snowing and so I did this. At least he has his cigarette. (B

3) (left to right) Shiro, Kaze, Kiari (TheDarkAngel, RazingPhoenix, xXAznSkillZXx)
-Drew this today in Buddhism, just for shits and giggles. Kaze's like, "FACEPALM" and Kiari's like, "I'll send Kaze these waves that will get rid of his angst!" and Shiro's like, "I was about to say something smart, but... WTF?"
I love hakamas. :3

Um, that's about it for now...


All characters (c) their rightful owners/creators. NO STEALING, REPRODUCING, OR YOINKING.

Haruhi Suzumiya Fan Art
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