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Anri as the Borg Queen
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I was planning to work on some wallpapers today, but I kept thinking about the last episode of Durarara that aired on Adult Swim. The way that Anri can command the Saika army reminded me of the Borg Queen from Star Trek. So I ended up getting the crazy idea of drawing Anri as the Borg Queen. So I looked for some screenshots of Anri and pictures of the Queen to use as models. Then I got out my sketch book and started drawing.

In the end, I decided not to try a full body drawing, yet I wanted to do more than the head. Although I may try a full body drawing in the future. On that note, I'm strongly considering doing a drawing of Anri's head detached from her body like the Borg Queen's sometimes was in both Star Trek First Contact, and Star Trek Voyager. Anyway, drawing Anri's head was rather easy. It was the body that was kind of a challenge. Mostly because I'm still not very confident with drawing female characters. The thing I had to remember was that Anri was built differently than the Queen. For one thing, Anri is, how shall I put this... more "well endowed" than the Queen. So the picture of the Borg Queen made an effective guide, but I didn't follow it 100%.

I decided to color it using pencils rather than using Photoshop. I used a red pencil for the eyes, and then just a regular pencil for the rest of the body. The Borg Queen has virtually no skin pigment, so I decided to leave Anri a pale white. I did end up using Photoshop to play with the brightness and contrast a little, though. I may have got carried away. Well, this might not be my best work, but I'll let all of you be the judge. Enjoy.

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