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:Tangled: Out There
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theO doesn't have a Tangled category? Seriously?! *brick'd*
Copypasta'd from my dA.

Quick quick! Take a random guess at the song that inspired this pic! I dare ya! *brick'd* (hint: it's not a song from Tangled, but it is a Disney song. Also, the title of this deviation is a hint in and of itself)

... But anyway. OMGOODNESS I'M SO DARN HAPPY WITH THIS PIECE YOU HAVE NO IDEA GAIS. There are a couple of things I couldn't figure out (like finding a good color combo for the sunrise-esque gradient), and some things I wish came out better (the birds)... But other than that, I think this is my best work using the opacity-shading style yet. It looks all painted-ish, especially with my approach on the plants.

... I'm sorry if I'm ranting or praising my work too much. .A.; watch, come time for me to graduate from the animation program (provided I get in in the first place) I'll hate everything about this. *sigh* hopefully I'll at least have improved by then though... Speaking of which, apologies for making Rapunzel's expression/face all "moe moe animu desu" - granted, that's how I roll, but I know there are some people who otherwise might like this piece that might be put off by that detail.

Tangled (c) Disney

And now I'm off again to work on this week's Randomosity.

Tangled Fan Art
Rapunzel, Tangled
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