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Grim Reaper
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This is MY version of the Grim Reaper for a recent story idea that came to me while i was listening to Feed the Machine by Red (they totally get some credit for this ) Anyways, it's more or less a world where the 7 deadly sins act as bounty hunters for the devil, collecting souls under contracts according to what they sold their souls FOR. (EX. if a guy sells his soul for like 10 million dollars, then the sin Greed would be placed in charge of collecting his soul when the time came)
When a sin tries to stray from their duty and kill souls NOT under contract, their correlating virtue steps in to stop them because they know that souls not yet under contract still have a chance to repent and gain access into heaven.
More to the point, the Grim Reaper is one of the few greater beings who has nothing to gain or lose in the battle over human souls. I thought itd be cool to make her a girl, cuz almost everybody imagines death as a guy and girls just rock overall anyway so...yeah!
She's very mellow, pale with white hair and red eyes. When she roams around the human world she usually takes the form of a young girl (left), but can change her age appearance at any given moment and no matter what form she takes, her clothes are always a mixture of black and gray, even if it looks ridiculous!
Once she starts getting to work (ferrying souls to the gates of heaven for judgement or dealing with sins/virtues that cross her path etc.), then she takes her secondary form (center) Her weapon is black staffed and the two blades are tinted Crimson Red. The (red) orb in the center is a concentration of all the souls that have been damned beyond hell and into oblivion; they can be seen reflected in the blades themselves.She's very difficult to anger, as their is little that she can't seemingly overcome with a flick of the wrist (so to speak), but when her temper is TRULY tested, she takes on her classic true form (right) and loses all trace of femininity (appearance, voice, posture) and wholly takes on the manifestation of the Grim Reaper.

Hope you all love her and her badassery as much as I do!!!

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