twiliwolf (Fan Art Portfolio) Aleon- Steel Eeveelution, with learnset!

Aleon- Steel Eeveelution, with learnset!
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Thought I'd use your average eeveelution's learnset as a guide for Aleon's learnset. I chose the name Aleon because of the word Aloy and I really wasn't feeling totally name creative. I hope you like it Linku.

As for evolution I'm thinking:
in the next bad pokemon game they're bound to make there will be a volcano town with a master forger who will offer to make armor of a special type of pokemon. that has to be an eevee and when he makes the special poke` armor Aleon is born!

That or same mountain town and in the cave there is a special ore that will cause an eevee leveled up in the cave to evolve into an Aleon.

Edit: (like 5 minutes after I submitted)

I am SO SORRY other contest entrant. I seriously hadn't seen your entry before I submitted this! I didn't mean to copy your steel type idea. I just didn't want to do ghost or something cause I knew thats what everyone else was gonna do. apparently we had the same train of thought. great minds think alike right? right? *sweat*

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