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Type: Steel

Classification: Fullmetal Pokemon

Pokedex Info: This Pokemon is the result of an Eevee's skin and fur bonding to metallic objects through intense electric and electromagnetic discharges. As a result, this Pokemon is covered in armor, making it able to withstand powerful physical attacks. This Pokemon is intensely loyal to its trainer, to the point where it would sacrifice its life.

Method of Evolution: Level up an Eevee at max happiness that is holding the Metal Coat in the Chargestone Cave (found in PKMN Black/White) at night, while there is at least one Steel-type Pokemon in the party.

I'm not as big a Pokemon fan as I used to be, but this challenge intrigued me. I thought about what type of Eeveevolution I should do. My first thought was to do a Dragon or Bug-type evolution, but then I remembered how much I like Steel-type Pokemon, as a few of them have a robot feel to them. The tricky part was coming up with the evolution method. I didn't want to make up a new evolution stone or some new item. So I thought I should combine several evolution methods for this. I don't really draw animals too often, so this might not be my best work. Enjoy.

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