Darkarax (Fan Art Portfolio) Orichalcos Mage

Orichalcos Mage

DARK/Spellcaster-Effect/3/ATK 800/DEF 1000

If “The Seal of Orichalcos” is not face up on the field, this card is destroyed. This card gains 500 ATK for every Spell card in your Graveyard. Once per turn, you can send one Spell or Trap card on your side of the field to the Graveyard to Special Summon one level four or lower Monster card from your hand or deck to that Spell/Trap Zone.

This is one of the cards I made up for my Yu-Gi-Oh! GX/Strawberry Panic crossover fanfic: Dark Queen of Miator. This particular card will appear in the fifth chapter, which at the moment has yet to be written. Much of the following information contains spoilers, so you probably don't want to read it until after you read the chapter (if you've been reading my story).


So this is one of the cards I made to be used by Tamao, who is also using The Seal of Orichalcos from the Waking the Dragons arc of the original anime. I didn't want her using the same monsters that Dartz used because it wouldn't be very original, so I decided to give her a new set. This was one of the first of Tamao's cards I came up with. When I started sketching this monster, I decided that it should look a little cute, yet sinister in a way. This was what I came up with.


This won't be the last fan made card from this fanfic. Enjoy.

Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Art
fan made card, GX: Dark Queen of Miator, Orichalcos
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