LoveKouichi (Fan Art Portfolio) I'm somewhat trolling you again...with doodles...

I'm somewhat trolling you again...with doodles...
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Ah grubs, I think my scanner hates me...or my drawings...or both.
I'll color the rest eventually I swear... //.>; Right now I'm busy working on my half of a art trade from last year that I half forgot about/half didn't have the inspiration for.
Just some random HS doodles...kinda.

~I tried drawing Johann as a grub but it didn't work so here's a younger Johann taking a nap. Along with his delightly dapper lusus., I started out drawing a FEMALE troll but it became a odd pretty boy/troll. The fact that I drew him while listening to Lady Gaga might have to do something about it too..hmm...

~And...that human kid...not quite sure what his name is yet.'s boy. I was just drawing and thought 'Hey, I wanna draw my own HS kid/teen/whateverz', so there he is. He'll probably just live in my sketchbook with the other random OCs my brain insisted on hurling into existance.
Anyone got ideas for a name for this poor kid?

I need to stop creating trolls. Not even sure if I'll use Azrell or any of the other 3. Maybe I switch Azrell with the one girl troll I whateverz. They're just...hanging out.
At least I'm drawing again... :V

Homestuck Fan Art
Arrian. Azrell, dapper-raffe, Homestuck, I fail, Johann, Jojo, kawaii ram, random doodles FTW, some human kid, trolls, Xiion
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