MangaKid (Fan Art Portfolio) Leaping Through (wolf art on fabric)

Leaping Through (wolf art on fabric)
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Hey everyone!
I'm so glad that you all enjoy my shirt art!!! I really appreciate all the views, hugs, and feeback I've been recieving!
I created this shirt design last spring... I was inspired by seeing some other shirts with printed animal designs that looked 3D! >.< I still have a lot to learn though about how to paint better designs... Sometimes I don't plan my designs and just wing it instead. Ahhh I've made plenty of minor mistakes on past shirts projects, but I'm not doing too bad now and this one turned out pretty good ^^
Once again, I used fabric paints to paint this wolf. Lol a little self indulgence here as I painted it for me to wear :P

PS. I want to dedicate this artwork to the people on theO who have become my friends or anyone who, even in the least bit, enjoys/supports my artwork!! Thankyou *bows* :D

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animal, art, fabric, paint, shirt, wolf
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