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Saizu (Sketch)
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Hey! ^^

This is just a little paint picture I did of my OC Saizu. I'll upload a better hand drawn one. Paint is very limited and Im sure many know about it... ¬¬

Anyway, this is Saizu. She is half Nobody and half human? O_o We have Nobodies, Heartless, what are normal people like Sora? I dont know. Some Disney characters I wouldn't exactully call human. XD

But yeah. She was around the time Xehanort and the apprentices. She was Isa's little sister, but after a freak accident with a heartless, she turned into one and a Nobody was formed. How ever, she was able to collect hearts herself, and since it was only her, she got enough hearts to get back half of her heart. So she has a human form, she half exists and has feelings.

When Isa turned into heartless and Saix formed, she found him and stated that from on she would be his little sister, dispite the fact he didnt want one.

You fight her twice in the game. (Yes I did place her in Kingdom Hearts 2! XD) The first one in Hollow Bastion after Demyx, then after Saix in the World that Never Exists before Xemnas for revenge She fights with a staff that is huge for her, but she looks like a 5 year old. After the 2nd fight she runs away searching for a way to get her brother back.

I dont have a song today, because the song I would use, Im going to use it for a differnt picture for someone! >w<

Hope you like this little sketch, rough thingy! XD

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