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School Uniforms
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School Uniform designs for a challenge.

It took a while since I essentially drew they girl and boy as a base of sorts, scanned it, made a copy, printed it, drew the outfits on the two bases, scanned it again, inked and colored on photoshop. Somehow I decided that the girl's name would be Aimee and the boy would be Jaime, for no particular reason.

I sketched out the 'bases' when my mom took me to see my grandma in the nursing home. We were in a room with a lot of other old people in wheelchairs huddled around a tv playing Dr. Phil. The wheelchairs had alarms on them that went off when the old people tried to get up. It was really weird... I guess they didn't want them falling down or escaping.

Afterwards we went to a homemade ice cream shop and I got the "Graham Central Station" flavor. It tasted really awesome. It was Graham cracker ice cream with chocolate covered Graham crackers in it. Anyways...

I decided to do both a regular uniform and gym uniforms, because I figured it would make a more complete set. I usually like the typical sailor fuku, but I wanted to try a fancier uniform. Also, I made the shorts for the gym uniforms longer, since I think they tend to be on the skimpy side.

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Aimee, Blue, Jaime, Red, School Uniform, Skirt, Suit
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