AngelBest Dream (Fan Art Portfolio) Under the Flowers Colored

Under the Flowers Colored
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Thanks so much for all the messages and gifts you wonderful people gave me this week.It was a fantastic birthday,had gifts,had cake,had a party.I coudln't belive I got so many, the week was just happiness:

Hanako Sho
Danana Pirate

*Thanks for all the comments and gifts and all(more on the way)!

I gave some secret gift for the poeple that left me a comment on my guestbook :3.Well also the ones that Pm me will have it XD.

Haha Bic thanks for the help,I finaly know that you really draw all your lineart on the cp.This one couldn't be more different,it was done on pencil and then edited a bit in photoshop mwhahahah(saved a lot fo time). Your tips remember me of what I wrote you at the tuto(yeah those words are full of wise!)I think it's a fantastic coloring and hope it really fills your expectations.

New skills:
Bic style sharp end for lines.
Bic style shading on grayscale.
Tones for background and char.
Deep shadows.

I think you will be able to see the shadows of a sunset almost night background.I'm very satisfied with the tones of it,wonder if I could add some starts and maybe make the hand power blue or green.Well hope it's liked,it took me like 6 hrs because I started to fool around hahaha.

*Thanks for all Bic!

*Need to reply so many comments XD!!!

Any comments (yeah comment,it be nice to hear form you!):3

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15385bic, flowers, kimono, o.c, original character
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