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Art Trade - Jade & Beck
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Here's my half of an art trade with someone on DA. :9
She asked me to draw two of the main characters from the TV show, Victorious, so this is Jade and Beck (Elizabeth Gillies and Avan Jogia). I hope they look accurate enough. ;u; I learned it's a bit harder to draw real people in anime-style because real people have different facial structures and such while I think most anime people all have the same size head and stuff.

I tried to add some of the real people's true qualities in this drawing, though. For Jade, I added lipstick, since she usually wears a color, and I drew her with thicker eyebrows than I usually draw on girls. For Beck, I drew him also with thick eyebrows, I tried to make his nose a little bigger (but not too much :'D) and I TRIED (but not very hard.. haha) to make his chin more square. Yeah, but I didn't really succeed on that too much. Ohhh, well. c:

Anyways, I hope you enjoy! Haha..

P.S. 50TH SUBMISSION!!!!!!!!!!!

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