Sabriela Hellena (Fan Art Portfolio) Sai, prince of oddly spotted koi

Sai, prince of oddly spotted koi
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Sai prince of oddly spotted koi,

hight, 5'6”

eyes, gray

hair, gray with black and white spots

Identifying feature, his bright orange head-set (it won't come off)

Attitude, unsure of anything he dose yet willing to learn all he can, he may try anything once, can be described as childish, funny, smart, curious, quire(as in odd), and strong willed
enjoys , tasting new food,swimming, flying in planes,washing dishes,and making friends
hates, dogs, big cats, people with attitude problems, and being traped

basic background, Before the incident he was a prince in an Eastern pond, he was stolen by a strange man shipped far from his home. During his stay at an aquarium some of the fish there had told him that this new world was better than the wild. His stay was short,for he was sold to an extremely odd girl who then accidentally almost killed him, and transformed him into a human, he has been working as an understudy for her boss ever since. He hopes to one day return to his home in the pond and share his knowledge of this other world.

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anime, guy, koi, prince, Sabriela, sai
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