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Suits - That Girl's A Genius
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After the good news of renewal and a great new episode, it feels good to post a little fanart to spread the Suits love. Speaking of love, Donna hardly gets enough of it! This woman is fabulous; I personally think she's really the only one who can keep up with Harvey, and she is probably the only person besides Mike that would be able to break that little charade of his.

This scene is from 1x05 Bail Out, which is my favorite Harvey/Donna scene and probably my favorite scene of the entire series so far. Harvey asks her to get the names of a client's daughters, and she replies "Oh, how shocking, you can't keep girls' names straight in your head!" "Just yours, Debbie. See, that's funny, because your name is Donna." This is her reaction after his witty reply. Their banter is amazing~

Grabbed reference from this gif, and I have to say that I'm extremely proud of this one. I'm not too happy with the fingers, but I'm letting it go for once, because I just love how this turned out. The hair worked really well and I don't know, I'm just happy with it! :D

Haven't seen enough of Donna, or never seen her at all? You should watch this video. It's where I got the name of the art, and it really shows how great of a character she is.

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