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OC Sheet
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These are all...well...MOST of my OCs. I deleted a lot because I didn't have their complete designs thought out...but they're still in my thoughts *puts hat down in respect*...Like somebody died...XD

It's messy because IT'S FREAKING TIRING! TT^TT So...so...tired...my hand...hurts...bleh...

I was going to put their names until I realized a lot of them I had no clue what to name them...'orz

I marked the boys in green and the girls in pink and the people I don't know in blue.

Some of them are different sizes and in different styles. This is due to me doing it over a large period of time in which my style kept changing...and I don't know how to draw chibis...*shrugs*

I also colour coded them based on if they would be in the same series....I don't HAVE a series for them, but I'd like them to be together, at least.

Grey is miscellaneous.

I THINK there are 59 in this picture. (I don't really know, I'm bad at counting...)

(I forgot to mark if Mitsuru is male or female, she's female...and you can see what I'm talking about by looking for whoever doesn't have a mark).

Male count: 26
Female count: 35
Unknown count: 1
Total: 59

I might revise this...in the FAR future..."orz

Time to finally go read some Count of Monte Cristo! TT^TT It was the only thing that kept me going! ;m;

I just realized how dark my characters seem...despite their smile...'orz And I have so many black, pink, and purple character...hehehe...XD

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