jomz (Fan Art Portfolio) Professor Layton and the Shadowy Orb

Professor Layton and the Shadowy Orb
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There's this scribble contest on Deviant Art that requires you to use several scribble lines to create something...

Upon first seeing the lines, I immediately thought of Professor Layton...

"This set of scribbles reminds me of a Professor..."

and instantly, Luke's voice yelling "I got it, Professor!" hit my head.

I immediately tried drawing this.

However, one of the main problems with submitting this for the contest is the "copyright infringement" rule and the stuff about "original exclusive work" of the artist (here). Something tells me that fan arts are in a gray area and might be disqualified... > >

Well, I decided to not submit it anymore, and just submit it as a fan art here.

If you got original stuff that you wish to submit, why not toss it in DA?

What do you think?

Does this remind you of a puzzle?

I saw some fan art submitted, and now am having second thoughts. There are a lot of awesome entries, and they gave me self-doubt, hahahaha... :S

This was used as a feature image for a new feature announcement here Thanks to it, I got a ton of views here. Thanks everyone, and most specially, thanks Adam. :D

Professor Layton and the Curious Village Fan Art
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