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My "Tales of" OC
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This is my first time doing Digital Art after buying this used Wacom Graphire4 in eBay. I'm still getting used to it and also, made it in time whoo-hoo!

I added a cut-in for the Hi-Ougi since I've been wanting to do one badly :P

Name: Kai Hidou
Age: 18
Weapon: Swords (Short Ranged fighter)
Title: Wandering Adventurer
Race: Human

Profile: Kai is a long time adventurer with no background story of her family. She started her journey at the age of 15 and continued to grew in but her interests sometimes shows no emotion, even animals tend to join alongside on her long walk by showing her soft side to them. The way of swordfighting is somewhat different, she rarely handpockets her left hand while her right arm does all the work even untrained and unarmed she knows how to pack a punch. She may be cold and stern on the outside but on the inside she is always ready and willing to help others in any way she can, no matter how much risk it takes.

Her fighting style is a mix of swordfights and martial arts. You could think it's almost Yuri but not so much.

Status Growth (1-5 scale where 1=lowest and 5=highest)
HP - 3
TP - 3
P.Atk - 3
P.Def - 3
M.Atk - 2
M.Def - 2
Speed - 3

Hi-Ougi: Shouga Jyuujisen [翔牙十字閃] (Soaring Fang Cross Flash)
Throws her goggles past behind the enemy, creating a clone of herself that corners the enemy then simultaneously performs Demonic Tiger Blade [Majin Souhazan] (Demon Fang+Tiger Blade) and Swallow Fury [Hien Shunrenzan]. While the enemy is in the air, both crouches down charging their weapon and does an aerial X-Strike.

Program Used: Paint Tool SAI
Days took to complete: almost 2 months after I posted a comment on this challenge

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