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Hetalia Characters (sketch)
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So here is a sketch of some of the charatcres from Hetalia.
So here is a little game for you all! Whatr charatcers are they?

When some one gets a correct answer I will write it down!

1. Canada
2. Roma
3. Ita-chan
4. America
5. Nihon
6. China-aru
7. Iggy
8. Poland
9. Russia
10. Austria-san
11. Switzerland
12. Lithuania
13. Sealand
14. Lativa

lol! Romanos got everyone one!! xD

Sorry for the bad quality... ^^

I dedicated this to Romanos Vixen because, well she likes Hetalia to, and after seeing her talk about it and such that is wat really motivted me to watch it xD So thanks! Sorry you get such a bad dedication hehe ^^

Ill do it better next time! Remeber it is just a sketch!

Hetalia: Axis Powers Fan Art
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