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Finally finished for the challenge "Create a "Tales of" character" by The Echo Effect.It was hard for me to pick the colours and such.His clothing looks pretty modern right?I'll explain later.Yeah,I like the colour blue.


Element:Thunder and Light


Personality:happy go lucky,likes to tease other people,serious(sometimes)

Weapon Type:Short range

Weapon:Short sword

Mystic Arte: "Radiant Thunder" -Pillars of light surround the target,confusing it/him/her with blinding light,he then jumps to the air and strikes the target downwards from the air as fast as lightning several times,and for the finishing,the pillars crush the target.








Background and story:
When he waked up as a child,he found himself in an unfamiliar place,not knowing who he was and was absolutely clueless.Kinda of amnesia or something like that.An old man approached him and asked him his name,he did't know his name and began crying.The old man,whom his name is Alaine,took the child to his house,where he took care of him.Alaine grows fond of the child and called him Rain.He began training Rain in the sword arts or something like that,but Rain could'nt get used in the normal fighting style and he began using a backhand fighting style.He can't do lots of combos with backhand fighting style,but compensates by switching hands while fighting to chain more combos.As they trained together,they grew fond of each other.One night,Rain woke up to see the house burning.He went downstairs and saw his master,stabbed in the chest.Of course he cried.Outside of the house,he saw a human silhoutte,he wanted to chase it because he thought that it was the killer.When he ran outside,the silhoutte had already dissapear.By that time,the house had already been burnt to ashes,he saw a piece of paper right where he stands and reads it.It reads 'Become stronger,then,should you be able to avenge....' and the rest is burnt.After that event,he became an adventurer,travelling to different countries,obtaining new clothes and such(this is why his clothes look like this),he still mantains his personality after the event.After a while,he forgets his goal as to why he became an adventurer(to avenge his master's death) and began forgetting that event.He arrived at a village to rest.He accidentally bumps into a girl,who was carrying groceries,and said sorry because he had made her dropped her stuff.The girl said 'No it's my fault' and introduced herself.Her name is Elaine.Rain also introduced hmself.So,they become aqquaintences.After that,Rain went to the Inn to rest and met Elaine there.She then asks 'Hey,wanna go out on a date?',Rain was surprised and did'nt know what to say.They ended up going on the date anyways.She then asks Rain,'Are you an adventurer?',he replied yes.She then says about his father who is also an adventurer.She says his name is Alaine.Suddenly,Rain gets severe headache and decides to end the date and return to the inn.While sleeping,he heard loud noises outside and decides to go outside to see what's happening.He saw a house,burning,memories of past events flows into Rains head,he then recalls of the event that had happend.He wanted to save anybody that was trapped in there,but,he felt as if his whole body had become numb.He then realises that he need to overcome that feeling,so he sprang into action and ran immediately inside the house without concern for his own life,he saw someone and saved her,not knowing that it is Elaine.After a couple of days,Elaine had recovered.Rain approaches her and said that his father is dead.Elaine began crying,so,Rain comforts her.He decides to leave the village in search of the killer.Upon reaching the gate,he found that Elaine was there,wearing clothes suited for adventuring.He knew immediately that Elaine wanted to follow him.He decides to sneak out of the village quitely but was discovered by Elaine,so,she ended up coming with him.She also has the same goals as Rain's.On thier journey,they meet new comrades and bla bla bla.
-to be continued(probably not)

i think i overdid the background
lol,lol,ahh,so long,sorry,i have lots more but i decided to stop here.

I decided to call him Rain because when its raining there's thunder and after the rain stops,there's light,based on his element.I enjoyed and had fun making this but it was limited due to my laptop,it keeps overheating and shuts down so suddenly.

Anyways,sorry,I had so limited time so this is submitted pretty late..

So,uhhh...thanks for viewing and enjoy

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