SnowP (Fan Art Portfolio) back at the school gate

back at the school gate

for superstarpanou's challenge!

the heroine, now in university, back at the school gate, waiting for Mr. Himuro at the end of a school day

finally some tokimeki memorial girl's side fanart!!
himuro was my favorite, though I didn't like him in the beginning and went after Hazuki first, and after numerous playthroughs, I've come to like all of them XD

I knew I wanted to enter this challenge (cuz I want the prize XD and I like the idea... and cuz the deadline is my birthday ><) but I was at a loss for funny scenarios like the beauty and beast sample. then yesterday, I suddenly thought I need to draw this scene that I've always had in my head since getting himuro's ending XD

this totally did not turn out well... himuro, the heroine, and the background were drawn on 3 different pages and I had to merge it. which was when I realized their lines of sight didn't fit together (I have no idea what they're looking at orz)... I can't move himuro because I didn't draw the rest of his legs arghhh! and in attempting himuro's stern face, I made it too long T__T I also didn't finish shading himuro... why must you wear all black??? and the background sucks... yeah... the shading on the 3 portions are all different OTL
I'm a total amateur at using overlay...
</anger rant> (I will fix with more time ><)

but that aside, scrunchie is himuro's favorite accessory and 'pure' is his favorite style, hence the girl's outfit XD that's just a small fraction of my tmgs outburst >//< oh yeah and I kept himuro's tmgs1 hairstyle but adopted his tmgs3 clothes

Tokimeki Memorial Fan Art
1st love plus, himuro, reiichi, tmgs, tokimeki memorial girl's side
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