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'Tales of' OC
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name: Alona
age: 16
title: determined cook
weapon: frying pan as a shield and a short knife her weapon
occupation: none
personality: fast worker, mostly seen smiling, multi-tasker

HP: medium
TP/MP/SP: high
attack: low
defense: low
agility: high
dexterity: medium
magic: high
luck: medium
(I don’t put numeric equivalents cause usually they go up as characters level up, ne?)

magic user: offensive (high damage to instant death depending on enemy's level) and some supportive (revives fallen comrades)
mystic arte: minutes before midnight (time stops, environment turns purple, only characters are visible, mist appears and forms into hooded figure appears behind Alona then quickly sweep through everyone)
effect: a reversal spell that would heal all allies 25% and damage all enemies 25% (not including user Alona)
TP cost: 50% of TP and 75% of HP (I think this skill is too powerful which would explain the TP cost)

story: All she wanted was to travel to the palace to join a cooking contest that the kingdom was holding. She's a good cook and would love to have the opportunity to become a cook at the palace so she could support her older brother, the only family she has left. Through a forest, on the way to the palace, she and her older brother got caught in a fight. 4 mystic soldiers protected them, they are the chosen ones to save the world. One of the mystic spirits residing in the forest, Ealdred the time watcher, choose her to be its host. And thus started her journey...

Inspiration: cooks/chefs/bakers in videogames, they don’t have much love, I think.

(Alona) I always like playing with the idea of a sweet looking character with dangerous skills. So I created this character and gave her unreal abilities. I also learned that I have no design skills when it comes to cute outfits (I’m a T-shirt and jeans kind of girl and I have no fashion sense) LOL
(Ealdred) I believe this name is for males but this is character’s gender is unknown.
(BG) I honestly have no design skills when it comes to backgrounds, but what I’m trying to do with this is represent what her mystic arte looks like. I posted the background-less version of this on my deviantArt.

Man, this is one crappy entry... my digital art skill isn’t good, sorry

Approx time: 8 hours
Done in Photoshop ver. 7 (50 layers)
also posted in deviantArt and livejournal

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