LoveKouichi (Fan Art Portfolio) More lusus...lusi...

More lusus...lusi...
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They were originally drawn in my notebook, so I had to outline them and scan them into my computer so I could enlarge the pics slightly, trace them onto UN-lined paper and finally scan them into the computer again. Phew...
I WAS going to color them but, the only black pen I currently have to outline with just ruins lines. If you have any questions on the coloring, Healer-chan, just ask.

-Xiion's lusus is the elegant sea goat-like creature...she's so lovely~
Her eyes are usually closed but if and when she DOES open them(serious moments), her pupils are the same shape as the symbol on Xiion's shirt.
Remember, Xiion is a royal troll but lacks gills for some reason so he lives on land. But there's a pool leading to the sea on the first floor of his home/dwelling/whatever trolls call it.
She visits him often so he doesn't get lonely.

-Arrian's is the cockatoo, it's kinda cute eh?
On the first time it meet Arrian, it mistook him for a snack and almost ate him. Luckily it realized he was a troll grub quickly, despite that incident, they're very close.
It also acts as his alarm clock lol

Homestuck Fan Art
Arrian, Homestuck, HS, Lusus, troll, Xiion
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