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Watermelon Man

(I'm copying my info straight from my Tumblr account)
Also, forgive my absence - Uni ate my soul :( and sorry that the first post i make here is a crummy phone picture D:

Curse that scanner!!…

I’m afraid you’ll have to deal with a phone picture until I can find a scanner that works :T

Just some character designs for an online collab me and “Hurr” :)

He’s gunna be some kid who is controlled by an evil online roleplayer - only whenever he’s not being controlled, or when they’re not logged in he’s a complete wimp who tries to apologize to everyone he’s “defeated” or in-humanely attacked.

I think he should start at level 7 ouo

OH! His name shall be an anagram of watermelon (his hair is green and eyes are red) - so far, my bf’s mum has suggested Walter Nemo, where I had thought of Mentor Wale and Terel Woman (for the lolz).

I’ll try and add colour later =u=
(P.S: his legs are too short >3<)

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