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Cherry on Top? PKMN
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I can't believe no one thought of this <3~~

So this is of course a Cherubi on top of a vanillite~ (Now all they need to do is make a bannana Pokemon XD *is shot* and no Tropius doesn't count)

And actually, this is the Pokemon versions of two Gijinka of mine. Chess the Cherubi (No, not Cheruu, he's not that creepy..... Chess is his crazy whore of an older brother X'D ) and the Vanillite is Vincent, a little rich boy who comes across Chess while going to college (My little genius <33) and comes to find out helping him out with his homework was more than he barganed for ;A; DUN DUN DUUUUN.

I will (I can't believe I'm doing this) make a real Gijinka version of basically the same picture, someday soon. So look out for something a little on the WHOA NOW MAN side ;//Q//;

Enjoy anyway~ And remember, this artwork belongs to ME, Bluesen and my username on Deviantart, Ryublu. THANK YOU and please leave a hug at least :'D


Pokemon Fan Art
blue, bluesen, cherry, cherubi, chess, grass, ice, icecream, love, pokemon, pokemon black and white, vincent, vinillite
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