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Adelaide Hawkins

This is just a lineart of a superhero I created a few months ago lol. I'm going to use her for a contest I've been invited to by clueless101 X3

Her name is Adelaide Hawkins. She is Vergil Hawkins', also known as Static Shock, younger cousin. At first, her powers where just enhanced strength. I'm talking Superman strength. Then one day when playing football with Vergil and his friends, she catches the football perfectly but is tackled by Vergil sending a few watts of electricity through her system. That's how she gets her power over electricity lol (I'll detail it better later XD). After she gets her new powers, a scientist who couldnt catch Static Shock caught her instead and cloned her. Unfortunately the clone didnt receive any of the electrical powers, because the electrical powers werent originally Adelaide's, but she did have Adelaide's super strength and some odd ability over air. The clone is later found by Adelaide (on purpose because of the scientists plans for the clone to destroy Adelaide) but Ady shows the clone kindness the clone hasnt ever seen before and takes the clone in to her family as well as naming her "Aella Hawkins". Note: They're twins because they're clones lol. Skipping past all the good stuff, at some point, Aella becomes evil (for a stupid reason, I promise you lol) and joins the bad guys. Once the world is about to be destroyed, Adelaide puts her entire being into stopping the machine that would be responsible for it. In the nick of time, Aella, pushes Ady out of the way, replacing her and, ultimately, dying. As a result of Aella's death, Ady was given Aella's power of air. She probably changes her superhero name after that. Not sure lol.

Which reminds me that I havent picked one yet!!

Cobalt Storm
Joule(unit of energy)
Ohmslaw (as in Omes Law lol XD)
Lightning Storm

Anyone wanna help me pick one? 3:

Static Shock Fan Art
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