fire.freak (Fan Art Portfolio) Family Day Out In The Skies~<3

Family Day Out In The Skies~<3
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Beautiful family :')
These three are Kyosuke, Dominique, and Kaoru. Kyosuke and Dominique went by the codenames of Yuzuki and Hotaru for a while during the World War of their time. Once the war was over, Kyo and Dom went back to their original names and settled down, got married and started a family with their son, Kaoru. Unfortunately, another war started up again with their sights on the war hero, Kyosuke. To keep Kaoru safe, they temporarily named him Souta and then Liam. The 2nd World War of this time ended and they all went back to their original names once again.

The reason Kyosuke and Kaoru can fly is because Kyosuke has all of the elements in his control (he was modified in a lab. A lab rat, basically, that was successful and then escaped to turn on his "creators"). The air element being his 2nd strongest element(under his power), so that element worked it's way into his son through genes(I guess XD). So father and son can fly :> Mommy cant XD So they're taking her out for a fly (:

They're so cute, I love it :>

Let's see... Things to note:
Kyosuke has very fair skin, Dominique has very tan skin, and little Kaoru is the in between lol (:
Kyosuke's inside shirt is royal blue, not only symbolizing that he's high in nobility/command (he was the Commander of an entire faction) but also his elemental control of water which is powerful compared to the other three (fire, earth, and air). Dominique's shirt is red because she's a fire-user and has a tragic past etc etc. Kaoru's inside shirt is a sky blue because of his light-hearted nature and his air abilities.
Kaoru has brown hair like his maa and icy blue eyes like his paa.
All three are wearing white pants/shorts. That symbolizes the purity of the family and their heroism. Kyosuke also has a white shirt symbolizing him being the war hero of the First World War(of their time). And the straps on Hotaru's shirt are white because she was a big help in stopping the World War.
Kyosuke has this entire necklace around his neck(obviously) which was passed down to him when he became a Hero. Each gold piece(there are five) represents something. The middle one (the largest one) represents his family.

Crappy to no background.. Hell yeah.

Himura Family+Death Before Dishonor (c) Me (:

Death Before Dishonor is my own original thing that's war based.


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dominique, fire.freak, kaoru, kyosuke, oc
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