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You Look Familiar

Alternate titles: Sangome Hates Anatomy, I AM GOING TO SET MATT SMITH'S HAIR ON FIRE @@#^&@#*@*

So yeah, I got this idea in my head earlier today [or...yesterday, I guess I should say now] and decided to draw it. We've been throwing the Ponies for Who thing around a lot, so why not have the man himself, and the pony the fandom convinced is David Tennant to boot? [I know there's one pony some think is supposed to be the Matt Smith pony but WHATEVER this one still works, and is more recognizable.]

Fun fact: Whenever I get into a new fandom and make art for it, I turn into an absolute perfectionist. I make sure everything is as close as I can get it to be, because I'm worried someone is going to roll around and go "OH MY GOSH THIS LOOKS NOTHING LIKE IT SHOULD PIXEL #4383204789434320 IS COLORED WRONG GO JUMP OUT A WINDOW AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH". This is no different. I know he may not look 100% accurate, but please bear with me here. ._.;

I make the art of drawing chibis more of a task than it needs to be. BUT OH WELL. It was still fun, and I think it's cute.

Edit: Edited Bowtie-san's face so that he actually looked like he was looking at his pony expy, instead of clear over his head. :V

Doctor Who Fan Art
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