healer94 (Fan Art Portfolio) I'm me and it's awkward

I'm me and it's awkward
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There are so many flaws that make me me,

I'm over weight for one thing, and it's not like I really care about that. I'm incredibly comfortable with my weight, but that's not to say I don't sometimes wish I was thin, I'd like to know how it feels. I'm too in love with food to and I'll probably never now.

I'm far from having 20/20 vision and that scares me, by the time I turn 21 I may end up legally blind. Still, the world will go on, and I'll be bringing bottle cap glasses back, just watch me.

and my teeth aren't in the best shape either.

Whats on the outside isn't what bothers me though.

I live a really sheltered life, if it weren't for the internet I wouldn't be social.

I'm a proud pansexual. I don't find people attractive or unattractive, it's personality that wins me over, but it's really confusing sometimes. I've had crushes on people I never would imagine getting my first kiss from, it's not that I didn't like the idea if we'd dated but I realized I wasn't attracted to them that way.

I'm also incredibly paranoid, which is why I am very socially awkward. It's also the reason why I'm so stressed which causes me to get a little depressed. The only way I counter all of those feelings is with smiling and happy thoughts. I'm a depressed optimist, an oxymoron.

I guess I kinda lied when I said I wasn't bothered with the way I look, not entirely anyway. I have gender issues, I have the mentality of a male but I don't mind being female. Sometimes I'm really glad I was born a girl, but sometimes I feel like I was supposed to be a guy. I'm far from being transsexual, I don't want to be called 'him' but I'm not crazy about 'her' either. So it's really complicated.

but that's me pretty much, I'm awkward and I like it that way.

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