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Lord N and Touko
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HELLO THEOTAKU!!!!!!!!!!!! It's officially been YEARS since i've posted!!! So I bet nobody here knows me anymore! ..;_; that is sad. *sniffle*

So I have this thing going on. I have been playing pokemon black for the last 24 hours, cruising through the game. I am female so I played as the girl character. Now when N and my girl character rode on that ferris wheel and he walked up to her all sexy (at least in my mind), I think they fell in love. Well, maybe not fell in love cuz he was talking weird stuff and creepy music always played when he talked, but there was just a strange and unexplainable attraction between them (again, in my head). So I think at that point I became a fangirl for the pair. And the more I played, the more I wanted to draw a fanmanga about them.

But my problem is, I SUCK at drawing pokemon, as shown in the bottom left corner (guess what pokemon those are... if you can)

So either i need to practice drawing pokemon, or I need to write their love story as a non-pokemon one. I would like to draw it with pokemon because i have all sorts of cheesy lines in my head concerning pokemon in their relationship... but i might be too lazy to learn how to draw them. (crap, sloth is one of the seven deadly sins!!! DX)

Well, I guess if you have any contribution to make, please do =] It's just fun posting on theO again, especially since when I look at my old pictures i'm astounded at how bad they look. Not that they are terrible, but there's a lot of small things I would change about all of them!

blah blah blah, i will stop ranting now =D lol

oh yes, my scanner is out of business for a couple days so i DID take a pic of this with my camera.

Pokemon Fan Art
Black, Lord N, N, Pokemon, Touko, White
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