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The Ancient Trust
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The Ancient Trust

This is for the “Shaman King!!” challenge. What I have here is a full Shaman King tournament team and their mochirei, guardian spirits.

Team name: The Ancient Trust. They so named themselves because they each have a spirit thousands and even tens of thousands years or more old.

First we have Tarence in the middle bottom age 27. He is always seen in his shin long coat and messy, brown red hair and comes from an ancient forest, older than human history. He is grounded, strong, and calm.

Tarence’s Medium: Arm of the Forest. A fallen branch from the oldest tree in the ancient forest he lives in, as a gift from the forest, which is fashioned into a staff.

Tarence’s Mochirei: Symbolized by the rat on his shoulder, his guardian is not an actual ghost. Shaman can interact with all spirits not just those that have passed and still linger. The forest he knows so well has been on the planet so long that it gained a soul of it’s own. His Mochirei is the Primeval Forest Spirit. Much like the Great Spirit, the forest retains the spirits of all the animals, plants, and insects that had ever died in its realm. Using his staff to Over Soul the forest’s energy, he can summon vast packs, hordes, herds, flocks, swarms, and trees to his aid and even do some whether manipulation. And yes he needs that staff to do so.

Next is Simon in upper center left age 16. He once studied the mystic arts of the European continent. He did have some skill for being a wizard but soon fond he was more intoned to being a shaman though not by much. He found a grave marked but secretly for a long forgotten wizard who would be his guardian ghost.

Simon’s Medium: He has some old magical pages with spells written on them that he can use for Over Soul but he often dose not do so.

Simon’s Mochirei: His name is Telesk and is one of the first and most powerful wizards. He personally invented dozens of spells and was known best as an exorcist. He was trapped in a gravesite to keep him from ever leaving this plan if existence. He and Simon often use the Hyoui-gattai, spirit unity, so Telesk can use his magical ability through Simon’s body since most spells need a physical caster. They do try a variety of spells but in the end if all else fails, they can cast an exorcism spell that removes or at least weakens the opponent’s ghost. (Yep I know it is like cheating.) Other spells also include the usual; fire wind water, etc.

Last on the right is Lady Morgan age 22. She comes form a long line of shaman royalty. At times she can act like a spoiled girl but over all just talented shaman.

Lady Morgan’s Medium: An old shield that is believed to have belonged to her ghost.

Lady Morgan’s Mochirei: Know now only as Ageless Champion, his story is one as old as the family he serves. It goes that in a desperate battle, a man came to the lord Morgan and pledged his soul to the family. He then went off to fight only to loose his life but not until he fought with all his might. It all happened so fast that no one remembered his name or even what he looked like. They only identified him by the shield that had his emblem on it. So he looks knew each time a new shaman inherits his shield and soul.

Well that is it. I hope you like the twist on the rules I made.

Shaman King Fan Art
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Shaman King!!
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