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Well this is my OC Tori :D (It’s actually “me” in Final fantasy form lol) It’s for this challenge. Maybe go check it out? :D. So instead of naming her Trish, I named her Tori cause it seemed....’proper’(?) for me to do so lol.

Physical description:
She has short black hair which just touches the shoulders, and has bright blue eyes. Her skin is sort of a pale-ish colour. Wears long hand warmer things, black shorts, black suspenders, warm short sleeved jacket, sock warmers, combat boots(♥♥) a shirt underneath a black vest with a waist bag thing. Her main weapon is a katana and her backup weapons are a pair of veryyyy sharp daggers :3

Tori is a fun loving happy kind of girl; she’s always bubbly and positive but knows how to be serious. You’ll mostly see her serious side when she’s out fighting.

Tori’s dad worked as one of the top researchers in Shin-Ra. He was killed when she was only six because he protested against Shin-Ra and tried spilling all the intentions of their company to the press. Her mum died trying to defend Tori’s dad and so she was left with her big brother. Her brother promised her that he will avenge their parents. A few years later, her brother was killed by Shin-Ra because of their intention to kill all of Tori’s family; including Tori. A few years went by and Tori stayed hidden so Shin-Ra wouldn’t find them. She changed her name and her identity and joined AVALANCHE along with Tifa and Cloud and the others. [Tori had a different name before]

Faves/Hugs/comments are very much appreciated thank you! ^^


Final Fantasy: Unlimited Fan Art
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