Sangome (Fan Art Portfolio) lol getin rdy 2 play wit u

lol getin rdy 2 play wit u

Why yes I am actually submitting artwork here. Weird, huh?

Anyways, for those of you that follow CHACK, this is Saiyuki, the resident n00bish yangire. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person that actually likes her, but I guess I'm biased since she's technically an expy of one of my goofy pranks gone horribly, horribly wrong. But I digress.

I decided I wanted to make something from scratch, so here it is. It was a fun experience, one I'd like to do again. I was originally going to have her have a bare back because I have no idea why, but then I went "how do i anatomy" and had her in her actual outfit. I think it turned out for the better, anyway. Her hair and outfit are her official colors according to Kei, so I hope I got them close enough. ;A; I also am not sure if I'm going to have this as an official submission for the CHACK contest; it was something I did for fun, cause I actually completely forgot about it. XD We'll see.

But yeah. This was fun. Maybe some time later I'll actually attempt faces. Until then, yeah, this is the best you're gonna get. AND CRAPPY BACKGROUND IS CRAP I'M SORRY

As for what she's holding in front of it a flower? A knife? A severed head of a poor random n00blet? I'll leave that up to you. Spoilers: I have no idea

Time: Uhhmmm...I really have no idea. On and off since late last night.
Program: MS Paint
I also technically used a reference for this very loosely, so here it is. May be mildly NSFW due to the bare back and hint of a butt? I'll take it down if it's that bad.

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CHACK, Edokun, pixel art, Saiyuki
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