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Name: (Human)Elizabeth Kamehameha (taken on the name of her first boss)
(Country?) Kingdom of Hawaii

Age: 216? (Probably older...like over 500 years...)

Personality: Like Japan...(uh...) she isn't known to be social. Known to have fits of anger (especially towards America). Still bitter about the annexation of her kingdom... Has recently been influenced by the Asian countries.

Notable Historic events: Was its own country until Britain annexed it for 5 months in 1843. Then, both Britain and France, recognized it as its own country. Was annexed once again by America in the early 1890s, and then was a territory. On Oahu, Pearl Harbor lies. This harbor was the reason America was dragged into World War II. Yearly, it has a memorial for those in the Bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Random Facts: Flag
Hawaii wasn't a unified country until Kamehameha the Great unified it himself. That was around late 1700s...
First foreigner to find the island was Captain Cook. I think he was eaten...not sure if it was by the Hawaiians.
Last KING (not monarch) wrote the state song. Hawaii Ponoi... He was also known as the Merrie Monarch (which is also another Hula festival)
Originally didn't have a written language until it was forced by the haole (foreigners).
Majority of the Hawaiians hate haoles! (...Trust me on that.)
Other things to be added...

Picture Facts: I was planning on adding the flag...but I ended up not adding it. Why? It was too difficult/time consuming...
Originally was going to wear a mumu, but it was hard to draw. Some reason has boots... *shot*
She has Japan's eyes because majority of the population is Japanese (or Asian, and I hate the other eyes...)

Hetalia: Axis Powers Fan Art
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