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Point Comm. Tsuki
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This was a full body point commission for my friend j-d-y-44 on deviantART

This lovely lady is her OC Tsuki, from her Yu Yu Hakusho fanfiction Natsuki.

Tsuki is a silver fox demon, incredibly powerful and beautiful. Her long straight hair and fluffy tail are black with silver and dark blue streaks, and her ears are tipped silver, her eyes are also black but sparkly not dull. She is actually a little short, at 5' 5" (i know she seems taller but i just couldn't make myself erase the bottom of the kimono when i sketched it and so decided to keep it because it looked good). She loves reading, the moon, and flowers/plants. She is a lady of a house, elegant yet simple, kind and wise i believe.

Her kimono was what took me the longest, i just could not decide what to do for the pattern. She was said to like flower patterns but to also be not quite simple but not extravegant either. After a few failed attempts i finally came up with an idea. Those are Moon Flowers (ha, no brainer, right?), which spread from her right shoulder side to her lower left and is on both sleeve ends. Then i added some blossoms to her hair and obi, because blossoms are pretty, easy, and always work well ^-^ Plus some curly stem and leaf whisps to match the sash embelishment. The style is meant to be closer to traditional but still a bit fuller, like a combination of the traditional and the furisode. Also since she was more of a slender build i thought this look fit her nicely.

In her hand, which was also a bit of a pain, i have her reading a classic, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

The moon is in the background and the cheap little sketched branches of a sakura tree. Backgrounds are not really part of any of my offered commissions, but i added them because it felt right and i'm just awesome like that i suppose ^ 3^

Overall, i truely pray i did her justice! I read up some on her and tried to get a feel for her appearance and air and i think i got it, but of course she isn't my brain child ^-^ I was primarily concerned about her hair--the bangs-- and her eyes as they were the most uncertain elements for me, but in the end it all came out well and i really adore the finished product!!

thankfully, she really loved it! :D

Art (c) me
Tsuki (c) j-d-y-44 on deviantART

Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Art
demon, fanfiction, fox, itsumademo, j-d-y-44, kimono, lady, moon, moon flower, natsuki, oc, original character, point comm. tsuki, silver fox demon, yu yu hakusho
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