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One is all, All is one
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alright! so yesterday, I got in tune with my inner child, and found our old sidewalk chalk...we only had about 5 colors, but I doodled a picture for the heck of it anyway (please see my newest post in "Suteki na ichi nichi" for more details, or to see the failish picture I drew...:D)
but today, up in town, my dad told me we could buy some more chalk,
*it has 20 colors...* so we got some.
after chores outside i ran inside the house, grabbed my psp*for music*, and the chalk and began working! an hour and a half later, and this is the resulting picture! I hope it turned out OK...:< I tried shading/highlighting it but i think it kinda messed up..>//<
I decided to post it anyway, for advice/ideas...please leave me a comment...I would appriciate it much!
Thank you so much for all of your support, guys!
Have a wonderful day...<3 kamichama karin s

Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Art
al, alphonse elric, chalk, child, colorful, cute, ed, edward elric, fma, fullmetal alchemist, fun, sidewalk
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