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Palace Pharmacist Ryuu
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This is one of the supporting characters of Akagami no Shirayuki-Hime, Ryuu. He's twelve years old and is the youngest palace pharmacist of the Clarines Kingdom. His apprentice is Shirayuki, the main character. Ryuu isn't treated the same by others, because of his difference in age and superior intelligence in medicine and botany. His greatest interest is also in poisonous plants, so many people fear if they get involved with him, something bad might happen to them. That makes Ryuu very misunderstood and expressionless.

I decided to draw Ryuu because he's one of my favorite characters in this manga. He's so cute and cuddly~~ It's so adorable how he acts around Shirayuki also. <3

For envythejealous's challenge, "Supporting Character Power!!!"

I'm very surprised that there isn't much fanart of this manga. It's a very good heart-warming and sweet one. The word, good, doesn't describe it well enough. I highly recommend it.


Dedicated to niwarabbit, since your art is only in the category of this one, (I'm very surprised!) and I love your art style~~

My only reference was a few pages from the manga. Other than that, I tried not to eyeball it too much and try to stick my own style to it. I noticed this mangaka's style was a bit similar to mine, so it wasn't that difficult.

(c)Akizuki Sorata

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