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Aida Ginerva : Captain of Squad Five

I am a Shinigami!!!

About Me (in a former life):
My name is Aida Ginerva, which (if I can trust online translators...) means "Happy and fair" in Italian.

I entered the Rukon district in 1630, after dying from the Bubonic Plague during the Italian Plague of 1629-31. During my earthly life, I was an oppressed wife. My husband did not love me, and I spent my days working constantly. Despite my hardship, I never let myself feel discouraged. Whenever I felt down, I would turn to the blue skies, the beauty of nature, and my own wild imagination. This optimism helped me to forget the pain of the world around me, however did not prevent me from catching the plague. When I became ill, my husband left me, fearing his own life. During my final moments on earth, I looked to the sky and smiled; I did not fear death. A soul reaper took my hand and led me to a better place.

The Rukon district is not considered by many to be paradise, but it was just that to me. I was free from the oppression, pain, and responsibility of the human world. For many years, I wandered around aimlessly, appreciating the environment and learning about the new world. After a while however, I began to hunger, the way I had in the human world. Food was difficult to come by in the Rukon district. Not only were people poor, but most people did not hunger for food. As you well know, only those who have spiritual pressure become hungry.

In order to eat (which believe me- I had to do, I was STARVING) I had to learn to fight. This by no means came naturally to me. I hate violence. Sometimes I use hard words when I am unhappy (which gets me into more trouble than you might imagine) but I never see violence as the answer to my problems. Despite this, the hunger and the pain it brought me, drove me to violence.

Through many years of training, I gained abilities that many only dream of. I learned the name of my weapon, "Fiorellino" and her powers. Fiorellino summons the power of nature, creating a green aura around her. She converts nature's power into pure spiritual pressure, so heavily condensed that it puts hollowfied Ichigo Kurosaki to shame. Our Bankai is called "Isei no Ametsuchi", which (if I can trust a Japanese translator) means "the power of nature". Through my Bankai, I gain control of all plants around me, which I can use as weapons. I can also grow plants on the spot and use them as weapons. (Yeah, I know, he's called the first hokage... still cool though! I really wasn't thinking of the first hokage when I wrote that, but looking back... oh well. All the best ideas are taken.)

As I've mentioned, I dislike fighting, which is why I've never been active in the soul society. Old man Yamamoto has been trying to get me for ages, and I had always turned him down- until recently. I realize just how shorthanded the soul society is right now, and that puts us all in danger. I am stepping up to the plate because it is the strong's responsibility to protect the innocent.

Sooo, why am I Aida?

* I hate violence (although I am harsh verbally)
* I feel happier when I see blue skies
* I have blonde hair
* Green is my favorite color (and also the official color of Squad five)
* I feel a sense of responsibility for my friends and the people I care about


You cannot see Aida's sword very well, but it is really cool! It is a Renaissance style sword called a Schiavona. I love it.

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