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Silhouette of Time
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A very be-lated birthday present to Mr. Kirkland~

This is supposed to be a silhouette type deal of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, and then the Union Jack drawn behind it.

Once more, I painted this with my fingers... and a toothpick XD *currently lacking a brush* And then I used oil pastels for the flag. looked like she had just gotten through committing the Boston Massacre when she was done, due to the rust colored pastel on her skin

Aaaaaaaand.... yeeeeeah... There's not much to say other than due to my interests and the fact that the only shows I seem to watch now day are all broadcast on BBC (Yes, I watch stuff OTHER than Doctor Who XD), I'm beginning to see the Union Jack more often than the American Flag o.o;;; *fails*

Hugs/Comments/Faves/Etc. all greatly appreciated

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ben, big, britain, clock, england, house, houses, kingdom, london, of, parliament, tower, uk, united
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