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Dazzlie Smoochie<3
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I don't submit that much anymore;;; Oopsie
I'm so pooie

I'll be working a whole lot on requests this weekend though. I have like...11 requests that I need to do. XDDDD how hamtast. My gofor was to practice on drawing different things. :3 so I asked my friends on facebook for requests. btw, the 11 includes the requests I still have to do here;;;;

I hampact that I will get more art up! Hopefully very soon! oh, and if you don't lookie at my LiaC world, I have been actively working on my manga. So even if I don't put anything up, I am still working on that :)

anyway I was just rubrubing my coloring skills since it's been a while. I wanted to mingle around and experiment :D
This is actually a terribly old piece; I first drew this while I was in the Philippines last summer. XD
I might do some other old pictures(I seriously have a mega-Q pile of old drawings. They don't look delin-q either. Some of them are pretty good. o__o) just for practice. As for major art, I have one finished, but the final is on my computer at school and I keep forgetting to transfer it. XD Most of my art will probably consist of concept art and experimenting etc. I'm trying to prepare myself to draw LiaC so that when the time comes, it'll be hamtast. I know I hulahula working on my manga a LOT and you guys have been wait-q-ing for yearsssss but I really am trying this time. I hampact

Sooooo hopefully you're not blash-t or annoyed. xDDD I couldn't help but use hamchat
if there's anyone who understands what I'm saying WITHOUT looking it up you're like totally awesome. and if you know what I'm referencing to there you're bestest.

I'm a nerd.

Hamtaro Fan Art
hamtaro, harmony, heartbreak, spat
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