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Me In Bleach
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This is actually my bleach oc I made when i first joined the site

Name: Takeshi Jin.
Age: unknown
Appearance: Tall, fair complexion, spikey hair, dark skinned, brown eyes, Raven colored hair
Personality: Lazy, complex, profound
Squad that u wish to be in: 12.
Favourite Captain: Kyouraku Shunsui.
Idol : Urahara Kisuke
Place of Origin: Nishi Rukongai.
Do u have any friend/family in Gotei 13?: No
Do u have any skill/power/special ability: Excels at kidou
Hobby / Occupation : Meditation, Observing, raining down lightning on every living thing or dead ;D, enhancing fighting abilities

This character had just be a lone death god away from gotei 13 and having nothing to do with it having his own adventures. More of a kidou master. His Soul blade just a lightning type Nodachi thats drastically increases damage and duration of all lightning type kidos.

Using bankai is impossible unless his brothers are present.

His BanKai consist of fusioning with his 2 brothers and kick arse basically. Thats all i worked on, havent really elaborated on the story yet, i just didnt update anything since 2009 lol.

Youngest Bro

Second Bro

Hope I meet all the challenge rules, and i really enjoyed tweaking the effects a bit.

Thank you for viewing

Bleach Fan Art
bleach, death, god, ray, shinigami, takeshi
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So, if YOU were in Bleach...
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