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Sketch Dump Dance!
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I keep forgetting to upload stuff here...

This happens to be an accumulation of all the doodles and bits (that I could find, that is) that I've drawn in school over the past few months. The majority of them are from my Civics notebook, because that's how I roll.

1. Worried!Negative who looks like a girl
2. Myself and Torgo. Drawn the day after having watched MST3k- Manos: The Hands of Fate. That was a doozy...
3. Me with a derpy face.
4. Danno, from Hawaii Five-0!
5. RDJ!Sherlock
6. Negative dressed up as Eleven. How snazzy~
7. Dean Winchester (<3) from Supernatural, who likes thinking about his lovely Impala.
8. wtf!Negative
9. Sam Winchester, from Supernatural! (<3)
10. More Danno!
11. Myself being upset in Math class
12. Some dude with a tie and freckles
13. Myself being upset in study hall
14. Leonard Hofstader from The Big Bang Theory
15. Myself being embarrassed in Civics
16. Negative being unproportionate
17. Myself in Scott Pilgrim cosplay

And there ya go. 8D

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