Xerin (Fan Art Portfolio) It's MaskGuy DUNANAH!

It's MaskGuy DUNANAH!
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This is my original superhero, MaskGuy.
Though to be quite honest, I've been drawin' this guy for a while now, but I think he's totally legit for this contest! Anywho enjoy!

Edit: I just realized that there is no description for MaskGuy and I sincerely apologize for that.

So without further delay here is his description:
Supername: MaskGuy
Powers: Any power that he gains from the mask he wears at any given time.
Real Name: Unknown
Age: Claims to be 23, maybe younger though there's speculation he could be telling the truth
Real Life Occupation: Unknown although he claims to be a student in his spare time. Massive time and effort have been put forth to find this elusive super, but all leads have turned up emptyhanded.
Personality: Somewhat brash, heroic, a bit on the arrogant side, and a social butterfly. It has been speculated that he may just act the part while on duty as a super.
Description: To the public Maskguy is something of a celebrity in the city of Grantrocity. His tales of his heroics are slowly gaining global attention, but because of his recent good doings not much is known about him. He is an inspiration to the youth in his community, but some worry that given his attitude and the general way he acts on tv that he may end up turning into another celebrity superhero. From what the public have seen his powers consist of super strength, flight, and some resistance from damage. However many have speculated that he has a few more powers that no one knows about.

Sorry for the vague description, but I felt it was necessary that Maskguy be an unknown hero that hams it up in front of the cameras. I hope it'll give some speculation into his character and as things are revealed make the story a bit more interesting.

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Epic, Mask, Superhero
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