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Things I Don't Understand Meme
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Things I Don't Understand Meme. So much fun for only taking about 10 minutes XD
But yeah, things I don't understand:

MATH: Seriously, when in ANYONE'S life do you need to know the square root of Pi and add it to the Sig or--IT DOESN'T MATTER. I mean, it may matter to like, Rocket Scientists, but not the average Joe. *rabble rabble rabble*

Hip Hop/Rap: ....why? Just, why? I don't wanna listen to songs about getting rims and abandoning baby mamas.

People on Xbox Live: Why can't people just have FUN playing a game? Why do people have to get all pissy and shit-talk so much? Remember back when games were just plain fun? I don't get it.

Giant Purses: I can understand women having purses like men have wallets and whatever, but WHY do you need a ten gallon bag with spare clothes and 15 different pockets? People honestly pay hundreds of dollars for these things...

Grills: They look like dumb, clunky braces. Nuff said.

Beer: People consume this beverage every day. It tastes to awful, why? How can people drink this?

Here's the blank meme XP

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