Bluesen (Fan Art Portfolio) Every Lament is a Love Song

Every Lament is a Love Song
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"And I'll Remember you like Yesterday.
I still can't believe you're gone.
A love song."

--"Yesterdays" by Switchfoot


For the "Match to Music" contest!

This one is featuring my OC, Allik, whom a few of you may remember form my book "The Slver Moth"

And it also features a HECK of a lot of songs that I HAND wrote after INKING this OAO;;;;

(My hand is serisouly cramped, man)

But I'll try to give you all the songs (btw, each bullet means a new song has started)


1. "Krisy, Are you doing Okay?" Offspring (About a girl being abused and her friend apologizing that he didn't notice sooner)
2. "Concrete Angel" Martina Mcbride (A little girl who dies from abuse)
3. "Mad World" Gary Jules (Life in absract I guess)
4. "No Way Out" from Brother Bear (;A; You;ve seen the movie, right??)
5. "How Could Anyone" ??? ("How could anyone ever tell you, you were anything less than beautiful?")
6. "The Riddle" Five for Fighting (You don't need to figure it all out, just love the people you love with the time you have)
7. "Speeding Cars" Imogen Heap (A lullaby saying life is life and there's nothing to be done about what happens in life)
8. "Not As We" Alanis Morrisette (Forgetting the past)
9. "Happy Ending" Mika (Girl leaves a boy with a broken heart that he can't seem to fix)
10. "My Skin" Natalie Merchant (A girl sick of being beaten)
11. "Rain" Breaking Benjamin (Talks about the rain in life and how they wish it would go away and make way for the sun)
12. "Innocence" Avril Lavinge (Remembering your childhood)
13. "This is Your Life" Switchfoot ("Are you who you want to be?")
14. "Yesterdays" Switchfoot (About a boy whose friend dies and he starts to see him everywhere, but he carries on anyway. This one will play at my Funeral someday ;-;)

ALL of them are incredible songs, I'd encourage all of you to listen to them--Although, they are all sad in thier own right

Thank you for looking, please comment and hug before you go--I love feedback


Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
Allik, blue, Bluesen12, hurt, Lament, love, love song, lyrics, music, red, silver moth, song, songs, the silver moth
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